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The Victim (Mitchell's & O'Hara's, #3) - Kimberley Chambers I was about 54% through this book on my Kindle at midnight last night, I reached 100% before I realised it was 3am. I could not put my Kindle down without finishing this book. Despite how frustrating it was at times, I really enjoyed it. The only problem is the amount of unanswered questions because of the poor ending. An epilogue would have been great but instead it was left on a cliffhanger. I love a good cliffhanger between books but as this is the last in the series it's just annoying to end on a cliffhanger (although her website does say she will return to the series 'one day' which doesn't sound like it'll be anytime soon). That said Kimberley Chambers is a fantastic author and one I am so pleased to have discovered.