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My Shit Life So Far - Frankie Boyle In looking through my books to see which ones I could review (some of them I read years ago and so can hardly remember) I came across this. I have read plenty of autobiographies over the years and this is by far the worst of them all. I don't even know why I bothered to read it. Frankie Boyle is a horrible human being. First off I want to say that Roy Chubby Brown is one of my favourite comedians, so my opinion of Frankie isn't because of his humour, it's just the fact I don't like him. I don't find his jokes funny and I think he's just a horrible person. That said I hate it when people rate books one star because they don't like the person and I often find myself wondering 'well why did you read the book in the first place?' but I'd say that even fans of Frankie Boyle wouldn't enjoy this book and for that reason I would reccommend everybody avoids this book like the plague.