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I Heart Hollywood (I Heart #2) - Lindsey Kelk I loved the first book in the I Heart series (I Heart New York) so I couldn't wait to read this one, and despite the four star rating I was a bit disappointed with it. First off Angela hates LA for the whole of the book so it's not really 'I Heart' Hollywood at all. She is even more selfish and self-centred than she was in NY but I still ended up liking her in the last few chapters, enough to make me put the third book in the series near the top of my 'to read' list becuase I want to see how she gets on in Paris and then Vegas, so Angela is a good enough character to make me want to continue reading about. I just hope the next books are better than this one. However the author does capture LA very well and it really feels like you are there. Oh and yes, Marc Jabobs is amazing but the constant mention of him in NY and Hollywood is so annoying, if Angela loves him so much then surely she wouldn't just own one bag, no matter how amazing it is.