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Strong Woman: Ambition, Grit and a Great Pair of Heels - Karren Brady Hmm. Not your typical autobiography. Some parts of it do reflect on her personal life and bit about growing up but it isn't conventional in the sense that it takes you from birth to the present day like a lot of other autobiographies. Instead it is more like a business journal telling us how she succeeded in business and how you (a woman) can do the same whilst still having a family life. A lot of the book was aimed at woman and written as if a woman was the reader so it did feel a bit, dare I say it, sexist at times especially where it sounds as if men rule the boardroom and women are hard done by. I'm pretty sure Karren Brady has been lauded throughout her career and not really spoken about in a negative way. She is a very successful woman and nobody can take that away from her.

The book was very honest however and despite her successes she doesn't gloss over her mistakes and is willing to admit to them which is very admirable. She also comes across as a very lovely person as well which we can see from The Apprentice. Also on The Apprentice she always looks uncomfortable and embarrassed/ashamed when the female contestants behave in a negative way and I think because she wants women to succeed in business she doesn't think it reflects well on them and that is evident in this book where she talks about how she wants women to succeed and how they can overcome potential obstacles that may be in their way. As I said this really is more of a guide to business for women rather than your typical autobiography.

Overall a good read which I would reccommend however I don't know how many male readers will make it past the first chapter! I was a bit 'ugh' reading it however once you move past that it is a very good read which any females with an interest in business would do well to read.