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Londoners: The Days and Nights of London Now - As Told by Those Who Love It, Hate It, Live It, Left It and Long for It - Craig Taylor I loved the idea of this book and after reading a few reviews I started it looking forward to a fantastic read. The introduction was great, the first few bits of the book were great but I became bored just under halfway through. When you strip it down it is basically just a collection of stories by random people off the street. I know the author put so much time and research into the book, it clearly shows, and some of the stories and interviews aren't just with 'random' people but that's essentially what it is.

I love London. I go about three or four times a year and it is always enjoyable for me. I love the Tube, I love seeing the sights and I always feel more at home stepping out at Euston than I do in my own city. It's always a shame when I leave there. So when I read about people in this book who hate London I was like 'What?! How can you hate London?!' but then when I thought about it I suppose if I lived down in London and had to travel on the Tube I loved every single day and put up with the crappy parts London has to offer then I would hate it too. After all I am there for a few days, I have no cares in the world and money to spend. If I lived and worked there I'm sure it would be another story.

Slightly off topic I have been to London countless times and apart from the one time there was a tube strike a few years ago I have never waited more than two minutes for a tube train, that's a fact. And considering I am quite a tube nerd I spend a LOT of time Underground when I'm in London.

So despite there being some fantastic stories here, the book was a bit of a letdown for me but I would still recommend it to people who like London, want to learn more about it, people who live in London or those that had enough and moved away. 5 stars for the work this author put into the book but only 3 stars for the finished product unfortunately. Reminded me of a TV show last year which followed your everyday people around London, much like the people in this book, when stripped down that was pretty rubbish but it was more enjoyable in a televisual format rather than in book format.