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Slash and Burn - Matt Hilton Another Matt Hilton read finished within 24 hours, always the sign of a good book. Like the other two this one was unputdownable, but it was also a better read than the other two, hence the five star reading. Hilton's first book was an enjoyable read but he only seems to get better with each book as this one proves.

The action kicks off after a couple of pages and does not relent until the Epilogue. It reads like a Hollywood script and your heart will be in your mouth throughout the whole book. This book finds Joe helping out the sister of an old friend, she is looking for her sister but she isn't the only one. Robert Huffman, a 'player in the murky world of organised crime' is also looking for Kate's sister too.

This book moved at such a quick pace, in real time for most of it so it was hard to put it down because you just wanted to keep reading. Joe Hunter is a fantastic creation and one that I enjoy reading about a lot. I haven't read Lee Child's Reacher series so can't compare the two but I would always be comparing Hunter with Tom Cruise and for that reason I have no intention of reading the Reacher novels if that is the man I would be picturing. What I did note was that the death toll in this book was massive, I wonder how long Hunter can keep getting away with it. He does kill for the good of others, and always the bad guys but there was so much bloodshed here. I did draw comparisons in earlier books with Ryan Lock from Sean Black's fantastic series of books however I don't think Lock is quite as trigger happy.

Matt Hilton however is a fantastic author and tells a damn good story. Some people might find the book has too much action (I often see reviews stating this) but to me there can never be enough action. Fiction is escapism, written fiction allows authors to push the boundaries and write pretty much what they want because unlike TV and movies, they have no restrictions of budgets. So for me the more action the better, and this book is full of it. Hardly a page goes by without an explosion, gun fight, a chase or just brilliantly written intensity. Do not miss this book and I only hope the rest of the series continues to get even better.

Joe Hunter is now a new favourite character of mine and one I can't wait to read more about.