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Coronation Day - Kay Brellend Another fantastic addition to the Campbell Road series. As with the previous book I was wary about whether I would enjoy this as much as the other books however it was just as enjoyable as the others and unputdownable. I just finished the last 250 pages in one sitting.

The book this time focuses on Campbell Road's - now Whadcoat Street - imminent demolition due to slum clearance. Matilda - Tilly - is still living there and going strong. Tilly is such a fantastic character and a proper Londoner, the sort I love to read about and the type of woman that did the city proud years ago. She is based on the authors families memories after all.

The bulk of the story is about Christopher Wild, the son of Stephen who has featured in previous books. He meets Grace and throughout the book they have somewhat of a will they won't they relationship. Christopher works for his family and is facing trouble with a bunch of Irish builders trying to steal work from them.

The book is very readable much like the other books and is full of fantastic, realistic characters and I loved reading about them. There is a real sense of family and friendships here and people pulling together. Despite the recent Jubilee and Royal Wedding I still think years ago communities pulled together a lot more than they do today.

The Coronation aspect of the book only takes place over the last couple of chapters and the book was published to coincide with the Jubilee. The next book however seems to go back in time and focus on Lucy, one of Tilly's daughters. I have that book ready to read and hope that it is as good as this book. And also if Kay Brellend is able to jump back and forth between time periods then I really hope that we will get more Campbell Road books in the future.