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Dead and Gone - Charlaine Harris This book was one big fat yawn. I could care less about the fairies. They bore me to tears. I read this series for two things: Sookie, and the vampires. And the only saving grace with this book was Eric. And the fact that I ended up liking one of the characters I hadn't previously liked when he nearly died. The book was mostly enjoyable it was just the fairy talk that bored me. I'm sick of hearing about how amazing and gorgeous Claude and Claudine are.

This time it is the Weres time to 'come out' and make themselves known to the world. Sam's mum gets shot by his step-dad leaving Sookie in charge of the bar. Sookie then proceeds to nearly get herself killed numerous times throughout the book which seems to be a recurring theme now. How many lives does this woman have? I liked Amelia a lot more in this book and love the fact that she lives with Sookie. I always say that the 'normal' scenes in this book are as enjoyable to read as the rest of it and they include Sookie just doing everyday normal things.

Overall I can definitely see why people rate the later books in the series quite low. However I think there was definitely a story here, the fairy story was imaginative and it didn't feel like it was written lazily by the author but it just didn't grip me like previous books have and for the last 30% or so I just wanted to get it over with. If it wasn't for Sookie and Eric my rating would be a hell of a lot lower.