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Westlife: Our Story - Martin Roach I've been a Westlife fan since I was 9 (1999) and when they announced their split I wanted to read their book a second time. It's a fantastic book for fans of the band but one I think the haters who think Westlife isn't 'proper music' because they don't write (all) their own songs or play an instrument should read. They actually explain the choice behind singing (mostly) covers and each member has a huge passion for music and you can tell that from the way they write/talk. When they talk about 'I'm Already There' Shane talks about how it made him cry and how the band felt they had to sing it, that for me is better than them singing a song they wrote themselves which might not have been as good and might not have meant as much to them. /slightlyofftopic.

It's nice to read about their lives away from the band as well. The only downside to the book now is the end where they talk about how they want the band to go on for another ten years, when clearly that isn't going to happen now. But I think a lot of it is down to record sales, they talk about how they didn't want any of their albums to sell less than a million and with each album selling less and less it's better for them to part ways (unfortunately).

A must-read for Westlife fans though.