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Private:  #1 Suspect (Jack Morgan, #2) - James Patterson,  Maxine Paetro This is a book by James Patterson, so already you know not to expect anything worthy of any prestigious book awards (especially if his recent co-authored books are anything to go by), but this book was an enjoyable read which kept me turning the pages long into the night. Book 2 in the Jack Morgan series but the third book to be about 'Private', Jack finds Colleen Malloy's (ex-lover) body in his bed and all the evidence points to him. He and his team have to prove his innocence whilst carrying out various jobs for their clients. One thing I liked about this compared to the first Private book was that it flowed better, the first book seemed a bit all over the place and had too many stories to concentrate on but I found this one easier to follow. One of Patterson's better books.