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Lockdown - Sean Black After reading so many books of this genre I was becoming quite bored with it. Nothing shocks or surprises you anymore when you've read so many similar books. That said I loved this book (and read it in 24 hours). I liked the main character immediately and the story was good too and kept you guessing for most of the book, and even after certain characters are revealed for what they are the twists still keep coming resulting in one of my favourite endings of a book (in this genre anyway, similar setting to the ending of Kill Me If You Can). I found the book similar to something that Simon Kernick might write, only better. I just hope the next books in the series are as good. The best thing about discovering an author late on is not having to wait ages for the next book because they've already been published!

Also I think Sean Black's book covers are some of the best I've ever seen, I love them and they really make you want to read the books.