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From The Dead (Tom Thorne, #9) - Mark Billingham I enjoyed this book but only because it featured Tom Thorne. Had it been a standalone by any other author it would be a 2 star rating from me. This one saw Thorne travel to Spain to track down Alan Langford who was believed to have died in a burned out car after his wife organised his murder. Billingham really captured the setting well and it was very believable and enjoyable to read about Thorne in another country.

The book also introduces one of the best secondary characters his books have ever had in private detective Anna Carpenter who is basically the female version of Thorne. But then she goes and gets killed so it's unlikely we'll see her again... Thorne continues to have troubles with Louise and, at this point, I wanted Thorne to have an affair with Anna or at least break up with Louise. As a character I'm not that interested in her and as a couple I don't really like them and if they split up it'd be interesting to see how Thorne and Hendricks friendship was affected by it.

Because we knew who the 'bad guy' was already there wasn't that many twists and turns and again, were it not for the continuation of Thorne's story and this was just a standalone novel it would have been a boring, disappointing read. But Thorne is one of my favourite fictional characters and somebody I will always love to read about. He isn't brain dead like most of the detectives in crime novels for a start. And I love Billingham's humour, and the fact that he makes fun of crime novels and fictional detectives but obviously from Thorne's POV.

Definitely one for fans of Tom Thorne only, anyone new to the series should start with Sleepyhead.