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Pop Goes the Weasel (Alex Cross, #5) - James Patterson Another book that left me wondering why I still bother with Patterson. I wanted to read the Cross books because Patterson actually writes them himself without other authors and so I thought they might be better reads because perhaps more effort is put into them. But so far, after reading 1, 2, 3, not finishing 4 and now reading 5, I'm not all that impressed and with a to read list longer than I don't know what and getting bigger by the day I really am spoilt for choice in good books to read and these aren't it.

The actual storyline wasn't that bad, but knowing who the 'bad guy' is already seems to be a common theme in Patterson's books. And as for Saint Cross the novelty of him being practically the Superman of police wore off a long time ago. I do like him as a character but as I said the Superman thing is really annoying. And the way he has suddenly fell in love with Christine and how he said that she is the woman he used to daydream about when he was younger. He also tells her that he's never loved anyone as much as her. So what about his wife who he loved and took years to come to terms with her death? And what about his children who he says he loves so much? I found it hard to believe the love storyline between these two to be honest. Also Patterson must write the worst dialogue of any author, I find myself cringing at some of the sentences his characters come out with. And as for the sex scene with Christine, the less said about that the better.

My annoyances aside if you want a quick read with an okay storyline then I would recommend this book. But there are thousands of better books out there and for fans of this genre, there are so many better crime fiction books that could be read. If I'm honest the thing that keeps me reading Patterson's novels is the short chapters, the OTT scenarios and the fact I can read a book in a few hours (thus getting closer to my 2012 target of 150 books). I probably will carry on with the Cross novels just to see where the character goes.

And so my love/hate relationship with Patterson continues...