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The Beach Café - Lucy Diamond I give this book an infinite amount of stars. Despite not being the target audience I love chick lit and The Beach Cafe is one of the best books I've read in a long time in the chick lit genre. Every so often a book comes along that fills you with joy with every page turn (or button press of the Kindle) and keeps you reading long after you said you were going to bed. This is that book. It's one of those books you wish you could keep reading forever and which you are sad to finish and where you keep thinking about the characters long after you've finished reading. And it's the sort of book where you envy people that haven't read it yet.

Evie Flynn's auntie dies and a letter is then given to Evie's mum at the will reading addressed to Evie saying she is leaving her the cafe (okay, the family member dying and leaving a relative a shop/house/cafe is hardly groundbreaking in chick lit). I immediately warmed to Evie which I think is important in a book, especially one written in the first person. She's in a relationship with (I've forgotten his name already) who is the stereotypical boring partner found in a lot of chick lit novels until someone better comes along. He wants her to sell the cafe and invest the money but she realises it's not what her aunt would want and decides to give it a go in Cornwall, despite a few stumbling blocks she starts to make a success of it. And the rest of the book is a fantastic read which I never wanted to end.

The setting was amazing and you find yourself wishing you could jump into the book and live in Carrawen Bay. I actually found myself picturing the village from my holidays as a kid in Wales as there was a cafe there that reminded me of the one in the book. I think a small part of everybody would like to quit their jobs and move hundreds of miles away and start again and it's great to live that through Evie. Along with a great storyline and a fantastic cast of characters. There were a few things I would have done differently in the book, certain characters would have got their comeuppance at least and I would have liked to read more about Evie's family and seen her ex-boyfriend turn up at the cafe but he was a drip anyway so the less words spent on him the better.

Ultimately though the book had a satisfying ending, to me at least. I don't think it was too long as some reviews have said and thought it actually flowed pretty well. I just really miss Carrawen Bay now and would love to visit it again someday and catch up with Evie and the rest of the (amazing) village.