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Two Women - Martina Cole An absolute doorstop of a book but what else would you expect from Martina? But unlike some of her other work not a single page was wasted and after a slow couple of days I went from 30% read on my Kindle on Saturday morning to finished early this morning (not in one sitting!) because I couldn't stop reading and wanted to see how everything turned out and I was not disappointed. The ending of this book was fantastic. After reading Mandasue Heller's Two Faced and being left disappointed I wanted to read a book by the original gangland author and what a book to pick.

The worlds Martina portrays never fail to shock and make you glad not to be a part of that world, however glamorous certain parts of it may appear. I really felt for Susan but couldn't help being frustrated at times, I suppose to an outsider it's easy to want to tell her to get out and leave her husband but I suppose until you're in that situation it's near impossible to do so. I have to say that I've read many character similar to Barry and Joey but these two vile human beings have to be my most hated characters in a book by far, absolutely despicable characters with no remorse and nothing nice about them at all. Usually villains in these books have something about them that you can like, but not these two. I enjoyed the prison setting too, it was like a nice version of Bad Girls in that it seemed like an okay place to live, perhaps a little too nice? There didn't seem to be a Jim Fenner character lurking around anyway.

A mammoth book that covers many years, absolutely brutal as you would expect from Martina and an excellent read. One of my favourites by her anyway, enough for me to give 5 stars anyway and I've been trying to save that rating for amazing books.