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I, Michael Bennett - James Patterson,  Michael Ledwidge I keep saying that I'm done with Patterson but something keeps bringing me back and I think it must be the short chapters and the fact that he never fails to come up with these OTT storylines. I don't know how the two author thing works, whether Patterson comes up with the plot, or how much input he has into the books but the Michael Bennett ones have always been my favourite, although I love the Women's Murder Club also.

I will admit that I found myself skim-reading a lot of this book but the thing with Patterson's books is you can do that and still take in what's happening with the story. This was probably one of the better Bennett novels and ended on a fantastic cliffhanger which makes me wish the next Bennett novel was available to read right now.

I probably will keep reading Patterson's books even though there's thousands of better books out there waiting to be read but his books are quick and easy to read and I do enjoy the plots he comes up with compared to some of the more mundane, average 'man kills man and is caught by policeman at the end' other authors churn out year after year.