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The Runaway - Martina Cole Wow. Martina can certainly tell a story but this was something else. I know a lot of her books are criticised and a few of them not very good but this isn't one of them. Some might say it's depressing, the language and images portrayed are disgusting but that's to be expected with a Martina Cole novel and I don't think her work should be given 1 and 2 stars because of it. If the book is poor, then fine.

I had no idea of how the story of Cathy and Eamonn would play out and just when you think nothing worse can happen to them, it does. I read a lot of reviews saying that Martina just writes about the same characters over and over, but her books are mostly set in the same area and so of course the characters are going to be similar but I don't think that's a bad thing. I actually thought this book had a fantastic cast of characters, and I really liked Cathy although I really thought the book wasn't going to have the 'happy' ending that most books have where the characters live happy ever after, I thought she would end up with Eamonn despite what he'd done to her and the fact that he didn't have any redeeming features.

A mammoth read but I didn't feel like the book 'went on', it was a long read but I love long books and unlike other authors of this genre Martina really puts detail and history into her books and that's the thing I love about them most, how you really get to know the characters.