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Nameless - Jessie Keane Is it possible for this woman to write a bad book? Maybe it's because I've only just finished it and have spent the past few days with these characters, and my opinion might change in the future but I actually think this book is better than the Annie Carter books. I could easily have read this in a day but I didn't have the time unfortunately, but it is a book that you will not want to put down until you have reached the final page.

The book tells the story of Ruby Darke who you can't help but like. I don't think she was as good a character as Annie Carter but she was a very likeable character who just couldn't overcome the problems she faced with her family at home. It's hard to talk about this book without giving spoilers away but even though certain parts of the story were obvious (and I think that was intentional because it was too obvious not to be), the story flowed really well but it was kind of annoying that certain characters didn't work certain things out earlier but then the book wouldn't have had much of a story if they did. But you'll work that gobbledegook out when you read it! It was kind of similar to Playing Dead where it was obvious that Annie's husband wasn't dead but it took the whole book to find out. It was just mad how real this story could be.

Jessie says she got the idea for this book from reading about twins of different colours but what she has ended up with is a cast of characters which could easily have their stories continued in future books, I certainly would love to read about Ruby, Daisy and Kit again and see where they go in the future. In fact I would say that certain parts of this book were possibly a bit rushed and could have actually been dragged out/carried on in future books. But Jessie is a fantastic author and I would say that this book is one of her best, but it's hard to say that as they are all fantastic. I just hope that she can continue to write these five star books and never loses her way unlike other authors of this genre.

An absolutely fantastic book that you would be mad not to read.