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Honest: My Story So Far - Tulisa Contostavlos I feel like this book should only be given four stars but I find it difficult to give autobiographies less than five stars. After all the author is telling you their life story and opening themselves up to you, you spend time reading about them from birth up to whatever point the book ends and that's why I find it hard to rate them low. Goodreads system is especially difficult in that four is 'really liked it' and five is 'it was amazing' and I am stuck in between those two descriptions but will give it five stars anyway.

The book is a short read, and had I had the time probably could have read it in one day. That's not to say the content isn't good, the book lives up to its title as it is very 'Honest', but Tulisa herself is known for her honesty and she doesn't hold back (much) in this book.

I, probably like a lot of people, knew about Tulisa but didn't really pay attention to her until her judging role on X Factor. As a massive Cheryl Cole fan I was very much of the opinion that nobody could replace her, especially not Tulisa. But how wrong I was, I fell in love with Tulisa from the very first episode of X Factor and rooted for her and Little Mix from the very first live show also. Unfortunately even she is not enough to make me watch X Factor this year but that's going off topic a bit.

A lot of the information in this book probably wouldn't be new to anyone who has followed Tulisa throughout her career or any big N-Dubz fans but for fans new to her, or anyone who just wants to read about it, it is a great read full of sad stories but also plenty of funny ones.

Unlike a lot of celebrity biographies this isn't written to cash in on her success. She certainly doesn't need the money and I feel this book was just a way for Tulisa to get her story out there. After all the BS she has to read about in the press it must be nice to put across your side, the truth, for your fans and also for the people that don't like her very much. Overall a fantastic read, if a little bit short.