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Lost Angel - Mandasue Heller I find Mandasue to be a very hit and miss author, some of her books are fantastic and you don't want them to finish but others are a chore to read and I found this one to be somewhere in the middle of that description but closer to fantastic than a chore. No disrespect to the author but a lot of her stories feel like they don't take a lot of thought because not much really happens.

Nearly half the book is taken up by the story of Johnny and Ruth who are forced to get married by Ruth's dad and then Ruth proceeds to have miscarriage after miscarriage while Johnny sleeps around and tries to come to terms with the life he has been forced into living. It just got a bit repetitive and predictable to read. And then the second half of the book focused still on Johnny and Ruth but also their daughter Angel who just so happens to find herself in the same situation. Unfortunately the best part of the book came - according to my Kindle - at around the 90% mark. And even then the ending wasn't particularly satisfying.

This isn't the first book where I have felt like there was a lack of a story, it was just one or two stories dragged out to fill a book. Kind of like The Driver, nothing much happened in that book and you can't help but feel that had certain parts not been dragged out so much, this book would have been over a hundred pages shorter or those hundred pages could have been used better than they were.

I'm not saying it's a bad book, it is one of her better books I would say but in a world where we have thousands of books at our disposal, or hundreds of thousands if you have the Internet, life is too short to waste on books that are just 'good'.