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Four Blind Mice (Alex Cross, Book 8) - James Patterson Forced to give this book two stars rather than the average three because Goodreads system states that two is 'it was ok' and three is 'liked it', unfortunately I didn't really like this book. I liken James Patterson novels to fast food, at the time it seems like such a great idea, when eating the fast food it still feels like a good idea, but when surrounded by the empty wrappers you wonder why you bothered. And I always feel like this after (most) Patterson novels, apart from one or two. Much like the recent craze of women reading books like Fifty Shades of Grey, you wonder why they bother when there are hundreds of better written books out there waiting to be read. And it's the same with Patterson, sells thousands of books when there are loads of better ones out there to read.

I read a review recently which said that Patterson's novels are comforting to read despite how awful they are and I agree with that. I enjoy the OTT storylines (although the one in this book wasn't *that* OTT) and the short chapters and the fact that you can read one of his novels in just a few hours. The problem with this book however was the storyline didn't grip me and Alex's private life didn't grip me either. Anyone who has read a Cross novel knows that he is meant to be some sort of Superman. There isn't a problem he can't fix or a crime he can't solve. He loves his kids and his Nana Mama despite the fact he hardly ever spends time with them. And his love interests often leave me feeling cold. The fact that Maria is meant to be the woman he loved the most but then the teacher from a few books ago replaced her and now he's moving onto somebody else just makes me annoyed because the next book and the book after that will probably feature some other woman that he loves more than anything.

But at least this is another quick read to get me closer to my 2012 target it just wasn't a very good one but as I want to read all the Cross novels I guess I will just have to persevere with the rest of them. However anyone looking to read a Patterson novel I would reccommend the Women's Murder Club and the Michael Bennett series, both far superior than the Cross series and featuring a much more likeable cast of characters.