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All That Glitters - Ilana Fox Wow. What a book to finish my reading for 2012, this was my 125th read of this year and easily one of my favourites. Footballers Wives was one of my favourite shows so the synopsis for this book immediately made me want to read it and I was full of hope that the book would be good, it wasn't, it was amazing. Ilana Fox is a fantastic author and I can't wait to check out her other work. However I think it'll be hard to beat this book.

Ella Aldridge marries Danny Riding and they appear to have the perfect marriage, and they do in every way apart from one, the sex. As Danny Riding is gay. I sort of worked that out from the synopsis but I spoilered it just in case people don't want to know but you do find it out pretty much near the beginning of he book. I thought both characters were great but Ella especially. Unlike a lot of chick lit characters she actually seemed to have something about her and wasn't the usual ditzy character getting herself into all sorts of accidents and trouble throughout the book. This book certainly isn't as 'chick-litty' as most chick lit books.

The rest of the characters are also a great mix and just the sort of people you could imagine seeing on Footballers Wives. I loved the character of Johnny and hated the character of Sanchez(?) something like that anyway aka the English Perez Hilton. I also loved Chastity who was another great character. Although parts of the story were obvious there were still plenty of shocks that I didn't see coming.

Ilana has a fantastic writing style and I found it so hard to put this book down that it only took me a few hours to read, always the sign of a good book. I cannot reccommend this book highly enough and if you were ever a fan of Footballers Wives then you will love this book.