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How Not To Be a Tourist in London - PK Munroe Confused with this one. The cover and the description give the impression of a 'real' book, real meaning here that it is a book about how to behave in London so you don't appear to be a tourist but upon reading the book it appears to be a satirical look at visiting London and how not to be behave.

I have to admit I was actually taken in during the first few pages and found myself thinking 'Wow I didn't know that' but then I was like 'Hang on, is this real?' and upon Googling I was still as confused as ever, two reviews were posted elsewhere one giving 5 stars and talking about how this person will take all the advice from the book when they visit London! And the other saying it was satire and rather what not to do in London.

Some examples are, and I won't spoiler them but if you don't wish to read them skip this paragraph: London's 'bendy' buses being free, not tipping taxi drivers but tipping bus drivers instead (I thought you paid before boarding?), taking your own knife to a restaurant, taking mouse traps to hotels, how Barclays staff can 'commandeer' a bicycle from you if there is stress on the Tube/buses etc, standing on the right on the Tube only applies during rush hour and a campaign asking Londoners to give up their seats to tourists to improve the economy.

Now I don't know which of the above are true, but this book has been written in a way that I could actually see some people falling for it. That said I don't know how popular this book has been as it has no reviews on other websites and I can't find much about it on Google but I am left a bit disappointed as I thought this was a genuine book, and hey, it might be! It's just left me all a bit confused...