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Deadlock - Sean Black Another fantastic read from Sean Black. I read the first in the Ryan Lock series in no time at all and loved it and I think this book was even better. The book cover is fantastic and the blurb would have drew me to want to read this book immediately, it is such a fantastic idea for a book and one that was executed pretty well. With crime fiction you can allow for slightly unrealistic situations but unlike other crime authors the situations in this book lean more towards the likely to happen than never in a million years cough James Patterson.

Ryan Lock is a fantastic character, I picture him as a sort of Ross Kemp type character. I tend to ignore author descriptions and come up with my own pictures, which some people may think is wrong but it makes the book more enjoyable for me. The rest of the cast are fantastic characters too and very easy to read about. Unlike some crime authors there is no filler here, the book isn't too long and it isn't too short it just flows really nicely and was a very enjoyable read.

After falling out of love with reading for a while I did really enjoy this book and can't wait to check out the others in the series. Highly reccommend Sean Black to fans of this genre or anyone looking for a quick enjoyable read.