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Blood and Ashes - Matt Hilton Yet again another fantastic read from Matt Hilton. If ever there was a series of books that should be made into movies then this is that series. Once again the action kicks off a few pages into the book and does not let up until the final page. What this means is the book is a fast paced, unputdownable read. Joe Hunter is fast becoming a favourite fictional character of mine, definitely up there with Ryan Lock. I would like the two to join forces one day! Together they would be unstoppable. That said however Lock and Hunter both have fantastic partners in Ty and Rink, both of whom I like.

The story in this book concerns an old associate of Hunter's who needs his help as he believes his family is in danger. I loved the opening of this book, probably one of my favourite openings in the series so far. This time Hunter questions his morals more and whether what he is doing is right or wrong. There are some nice twists throughout the book that I didn't see coming and I liked that we also learnt more about Hunter's past. I think a book set in Hunter's past would be fantastic or even just longer 'flashback' scenes to enhance whatever story he is involved in in the present day.

The one thing about this book was how real is could be. In the past I've found the Hunter series to verge on the unrealistic but I don't say that in a negative way, they are just so jam packed and action filled that it's hard to imagine scenarios like that actually happening, but to me the more action packed the better. It is fiction after all. But this time the idea of terrorists wanting to destroy a city is all too imaginable, especially in the world we live in now. There are some great characters in this book as well all of whom I found believable. I think Matt Hilton just keeps on improving with each book be it in his storytelling or character development but each book, to me at least, has been fantastic and I only wish I had read this series sooner. Then again the good thing about arriving late to the party is having the back catalogue to devour and not have to wait a year for the next one! Already got the next book lined up which I cannot wait to read as it has the return of a past character who I really liked.