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Dead Man's Grip (Roy Grace, #7) - Peter James OMG the ending! I'll say no more than that but Peter James does love to end the Grace novels on a cliffhanger and this was probably the best one yet! I don't envy the people that read these books upon release, having to wait a year for the next one must've been hell!

I enjoyed this book but it was not the best Grace story. The premise was pretty good, it just wasn't executed that well in my opinion. One of the best things about the Grace books is how real they feel and how well researched and written they are. I can't think of many authors in the UK who can write a police procedural better than Peter James. His books are always hundreds of pages long (with a tiny font) and yet they never feel like a chore to read. I finished this one within a day, partly because I couldn't put it down and partly because I need to catch up ASAP before the release of the next book.

This time a student in Brighton from New York is killed in a collision between three vehicles, the vehicle that actually was responsible for the death of the student fled the scene. In the days following the accident, Carly Chase, a woman involved who was over the limit is contacted by the police to say that her life is danger after the two other drivers involved were found dead. I thought the book moved at a quick pace but it just didn't have that gripping story that the other books have had. I didn't really care about Carly and whether or not she lived. I enjoyed reading about the Mafia aspect, although there wasn't that much to read about that. The Grace novels are primarily set in Brighton but I do enjoy the way most of them always involve visiting foreign countries. There was also an appearance from Yac! Who readers of the previous Grace novel will definitely remember.

Ultimately though the best thing about this book was the bits involving the Sandy mystery. Past books have hinted at where she might be but this book touched on it a hell of a lot more. And it all led up to the jaw dropping cliffhanger at the end of the book! I just hope this is continued straight off in the next book, as in previous books cliffhangers the cliffhanger was barely even acknowledged in the following books. There was also a lot more Cleo in this book, with her having problems with the pregnancy. I am still unsure about this character and the relationship with Roy and feel that an appearance from a certain somebody could well shake things up between them. As always Grace's regular team of officers feature including Branson and the fantastic Norman Potting.