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Stalkers - Paul Finch After 10 hours of GTA V I decided to switch it off and finish this book. Ordinarily I would've finished it days ago but I started it before a trip to London and the release of GTA V and reading it wasn't near the top of my priority list. That said it was an enjoyable read and one that I wish I'd read sooner as it has been on my to read list since its release.

Mark Heckenburg was a fantastic character. Police officers who ignore their superiors and often break the law themselves are always the most fun to read about. The scrapes that Heck got himself into in this book reminded me of any of the characters from Simon Kernick's books and certainly, this could've been a Kernick book. Perhaps that's why I enjoyed it so much. The setting of London never gets old or boring for me and throw in a few mentions of the London Underground and already you've got me hooked.

The storyline itself however perhaps bordered on the unbelievable. Okay I see how a man can become obsessed with a woman, I just couldn't see a man paying a six-figure sum for an organised gang to kidnap her so that the man could rape her. Perhaps this Nice Guys club could have existed with a more believable storyline rather than this one. That said however the book did keep me guessing for the most part however for readers that have read this book I do share the belief of Heck of who the Nice Guys' insider is and hope to see this resolved in the next Heckenburg book.

Overall a thoroughly enjoyable read that fans of Simon Kernick and Mark Billingham will love.