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Taken - Jacqui Rose 4.5 stars

I was going to give this book five stars but unfortunately I worked out the plot the minute one character was introduced. I don't actually think it's *that* obvious but when you've read so many books like this it's difficult to be shocked. That said though this book is absolutely fantastic and one that I really struggled to put down. To find out it is based on true events just makes it even more of a fantastic book. Jacqui Rose is a great author and I cannot wait for her second book to be released.

The story follows Casey as she returns to London to look for her son. One of the things I loved most about this book was that you really felt like it was set in London, what I mean by that is some authors set there book in London but apart from a few street names they could be set anywhere. This book felt really authentic and it was full of rhyming slang as well which I loved. It also had some fantastic one liners too which were great.

The cast of characters were really good too. Oscar Harding was an absolutely vile character, you sort of become desentisised sometimes to stories like this having read them so many times before but not with this one. He really was a truly despicable man and one you spend the book hoping he gets his comeuppance. Casey was a fantastic character and I warmed to her completely, you felt like she was a good woman who was forced into giving her child away by her parents and you really rooted for her throughout the book.

The book flowed extremely well and there was no filler/useless information or anything like that. And as to be expected with books like this it was absolutely jam packed with insults and the worst swearing you could read in a book. And I LOVED it. I hate the way people crticise books like this for having swearing in it. People are going round killing and raping people but it's the swear words that people take most offence with. Get real, this is a book about gangland London and there is obviously going to be swearing, if you get offended by a swear word these seriously aren't the sort of books you should be reading.

That said fans of Martina, Mandasue, Jessie Keane and the fabulous Kimberley Chambers should check this out. Not to be missed and I just hope the second book released next month is half as good as this one!