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Avid reader reading a mixture of crime fiction, chick lit, young adult, autobiographies and true crime. Looking to follow readers who actively read and review books I enjoy to read.

Living Dead in Dallas (Sookie Stackhouse, #2) - Charlaine Harris Loved this. I first read Dead Until Dark a few years ago and reread it last year with the intention of continuing with the series but I never did. Why not?! I could not put this down and am planning a trip to the library ASAP to get the rest of the series as I only have the next two out ready to read.

I have only watched Season 1 of True Blood but plan on watching it after I've finished with the books. I love Sookie however I keep reading this book hearing her (Anna) voice in my head! I do enjoy the book more though being able to picture the characters from the show. Eric is one of my favourite characters and I hope the love triangle continues as Bill isn't one of my favourites at the minute.

I enjoyed the story of this book and it kept me gripped throughout, the bits in the Fellowship especially were very tense. The book has such a strong cast of characters who I really enjoyed reading about.

Overall a fantastic read and I cannot wait to continue with the rest of the series.