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The Enemy Inside - Vanessa Skye Wow. This book was very different from what I was expecting, but it was a thrilling read from start to finish nonetheless. I don't know how I would categorise this. It isn't just your usual crime fiction, it has elements of many other genres. Romance is probably one of them but for the most part the book is about the crimes and the mystery surrounding them. The two main characters also have damaged pasts which seems to be a common theme in books today. For a debut novel this was incredibly well written and had me hooked after just a few pages. The cover stood out to me and when I read the description I couldn't wait to read this book.

Alicia 'Berg' Raymond is our main character and one I liked very much. I enjoyed learning more about this character and what made her the way she is in terms of how she does her job and how she lives her life. Jay O'Loughlin is her partner (in the police sense) and at the start of the book he also has a dark past that he is keeping secret but eventually himself and Berg have a heart to heart and we learn all about these two characters pasts. These two characters both felt very real, I would say at times the book felt more like a true story than something that came from an author's imagination.

It isn't just these two characters either, Vanessa Skye has created other believable characters. Especially Captain Leigh and Chief Consiglio. Having read many crime books I am well aware of the politics surrounding the police force and how those high up want results and want them fast but Consiglio especially was a horrible character who just wanted any results rather than the actual right one. His political career came before anything else. Leigh was an interesting character also.

One thing also worth mentioning is that Skye does not shy away from using very vivid descriptions. When the bodies of murdered victims were found she went into incredible detail about how they had been mutilated and how they looked in death. I feel immune to such descriptions having read so many books like this but some people might feel a bit squeamish at some of the scenes in this book! And there are a lot of them. The murders come thick and fast and had me guessing throughout the whole book as to who was responsible for them. I certainly did not see the ending coming as it was one hell of a twist which I always love because sometimes the ending of books like this can be so obvious that it ruins the book. Not the case here however. There were just so many twists and turns that the book was just, as I said in the opening paragraph, a thrilling read from start to finish.

I will definitely be eagerly awaiting the next book in the series in the hope that it is even half as good as this one!

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