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The Hunter - Chris Carter Well this was the shortest short story I have ever read. It was more of a teaser for Chris Carter's other books and a short introduction to the character of Robert Hunter from said books. The advent of Kindle brought with it an influx of these sorts of books, usually free or up to 99p the short stories do often just serve as advertisements for books but sometimes you can find a gem or two, not so this time. In fact this short story should be free on Kindle considering the 'story' only makes up 70% of the book and the remaining 30% is an excerpt from the first Hunter story. So it took about 15/20 minutes to read. A cheeseburger from McDonald's would take 2 minutes to eat but may be marginally more enjoyable and the same price.

Chris Carter's books have been on my radar for a while, but as usual it has been a case of there being too many books and not enough time so I wanted to read this story to introduce myself to Hunter and see whether I liked Carter's writing style. I did, very much and will be looking to read Carter's first book ASAP. The covers and blurbs are certainly exciting and the reviews very promising (though I tend to ignore reviews to form my own opinion). The story itself wasn't great, a woman is found inside a locked room with no exit other than the locked door. Hunter's superiors see it as open and shut, clearly a suicide. But Hunter thinks differently and sets out to prove it. Overall an incredibly short book which as I said serves mostly as an advertisement for Carter's other work which is fair enough but I can understand why some readers feel a bit cheated.