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Divas - Rebecca Chance I. LOVED. THIS. It was like classic Jackie Collins. Ms. Collins is my favourite author but her recent work is quite tame compared to her earlier stuff. This book however was anything but tame. The writing was so small I struggled to read it at times and it was around 450+ long but I still managed to devour it within 24 hours because I could not put it down! There were parts of the book which actually had my jaw dropping - literally! It was like an adult Gossip Girl, fantastic.

Immediately we are introduced to It Girl Lola Fitzsimmons who I immediately loved. The thing with girls like Lola is they are born into money, from a young age they have everything they could possibly want and then some and so you can't blame them for acting like spoilt rich kids, that's what they are after all. That's why I felt sympathy for her when her evil stepmother swept in and took away all her luxuries and leaving her to fend for herself. Yes Lola came across as a horrible person but she doesn't know any better. I did however love Lola throughout the whole book and felt that the experiences she went through humanized her and made her grow up and see the world through the eyes of those less fortunate than her.

I also really liked Evie. She reminded me of Ivy from Gossip Girl (who I also loved) and who I pictured as Evie in this book. Evie comes across as a gold digger initially, as she is the mistress of Lola's father but again we learn about her history and why she is like she is and again the experiences that she goes through also improve her as a person and she is an extremely likeable person throughout the whole book. The bit about her basically being Lola's twin was a bit American soap opera-ish but I loved it!

Carin was a nasty, vindictive character with nothing on her mind except money. The other two girls want money too but they aren't trying to get it in an evil way. Some of the things Carin did were disgraceful but as the principal villain of this book she was absolutely fantastic. I was seething at some of the things that she did in the book but all it did was improve the book and make it even more unputdownable that it already was! And the courtroom drama was fantastic. This book would play out incredibly on TV or in the cinema.

The male characters however I found to be quite weak. However this book is aimed at women and so, unlike some reviewers who read a book not aimed at them and then criticise it I will say that this book ticks all the boxes for a woman's read. Jean Paul was an idiotic character who turned into a camp Queen pretty much overnight. If he had been like that along then God only knows how Lola didn't work out he was gay. David was another silly, unbelievable character. Jean Paul's brother was an okay characters (despite me forgetting his name?) but who seemed to go to pieces every time he had sex which seemed to weaken his characters somewhat for me. Plenty of amazing female characters however which chick lit books have to be full of obviously...

Overall I loved this book and didn't want it to end. Certainly not my last Rebecca Chance book as I have the rest of them ready and waiting to be read! Fans of Jackie Collins should pick up Chance's books ASAP.