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Goddess of Vengeance - Jackie Collins Jackie does Hotel Babylon!

Anyone looking for classic Jackie should avoid this book as I'd say it's for diehard fans of JC and Lucky only. I enjoyed it mostly for Lucky who is such a fantastic character (though the Lucky/Lennie soul mates thing seems too good to be true most of the time). There was just too many characters I couldn't care less about though. And I like Max and Bobby but they can't compare or compete with Gino and Lucky as characters and as for Denver, YUK.

Has Jackie mentioned anything in interviews about the time jump in the book? It didn't bother me too much but the fact that it was set in present day means the characters should be much older and that Gino should be over 100, but the longer he's around the better. He didn't do anything in this book but it's nice to still have him around.

Rated 5 stars purely for Lucky. Hope the wait for the next Santangelo book isn't too long.