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Chances  - Jackie Collins What to say about this book that hasn't already been said before? I love reading the reviews for this book, especially the one about the girl that found a dogeared copy on a park bench and hid it in her house when she couldn't read it and how she tried to read it at every available opportunity. It really is that good and I only wish my experience of reading it for the first time was half as exciting as that!

Chances is my favourite book of all time. It is a ridiculously amazing book. It is like ten feature length films in one. I remember the first time I read it and how amazing I thought it was. People describe books as unputdownable but this literally is, it's annoying when you have to stop reading and the hours fly by like minutes when reading it. I don't know how many times I've read it but each time is just as good as the first and I'm not bored yet.

Lucky Santangelo is a fantastic character and probably my favourite female fictional character of all time. I just wish Jackie would stop saying she wants Angelina Jolie to play her, I couldn't think of anyone worse to be Lucky! In fact I don't think there's anybody that could do the character justice, Lucky's a one off and an absolutely amazing character. So addictive to read about. And Gino is another great character who must be about 150 by now?! I dread the day Jackie kills him off!. Chances has a fantastic cast of characters, all of whom are believable. Carrie's story is so horrible to read about but not all that hard to imagine. Reading about America in the 20s, 30s etc was so enjoyable and fascinating and I loved feeling like I was there myself.

Chances doesn't read like a book, you forget that you're reading a book and instead get lost in the world that Jackie Collins has created. This book, and indeed many of her other novels, has everything. Sex, glamour, love, comedy, murder, treachery, tragedy, money, literally everything you could possibly want from a book. I always thought The Godfather was one of my favourite books but this trumps it by miles (they are similar books so I think it's fair to compare them).

The only bad thing I could possibly say about this amazing book is that Jackie has not beat it so far. Lucky comes a close second but I think Chances is her best book and always will be. I enjoyed Goddess of Vengeance and gave it five stars simply because of Lucky Santangelo, I could never tire reading about her and have already earmarked Lucky as one of my holiday reads this year, two years after I last read it on holiday! I envy people that haven't read this book yet!