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Cheryl: My Story - Cheryl Cole This is the autobiography I have waited years to read. I couldn't care less what the haters say, I love Cheryl Cole and have ever since Popstars: The Rivals way back in 2002. She was my favourite along with Nadine Coyle. People are automatically going to slate this book, rate it one star, say they hate it, whatever. But I have read a lot of autobiographies over the years and can honestly say that this is my favourite and one of the best I have read. Unlike Through My Eyes, this is a 100% honest, from the heart autobiography and Cheryl doesn't hold anything back.

She cites press intrusion as one of the reasons for writing this book and how she wanted to set the record straight, and she has certainly done that. Having previously read Sean Smith's biography of Cheryl, and from reading about her in the press you feel like you know her from all that. And, unlike most biographers, I think Smith is fantastic and you can tell her certainly researches his subjects. That much is obvious from how similar the stories he told are to the ones Cheryl told, but she also talks about stuff that nobody but her could talk about. How she felt about marrying Ashley, why she did tacky photo shoots and sold her wedding to OK!, how the press intrusion and paparazzi really affected her life.

As fans of a celebrity people often say that they are to blame for the press and that they can't have it both ways, with all the good press comes bad press. Fans want to know every detail about their favourite celebrity's life, they scour the internet for pictures and gossip and don't really think about how this affects the celebrity, as they are only human after all. When you read about how Cheryl felt with the intrusion you think about how you would feel if it was you: not being able to step outside your front door without being confronted by dozens of men with cameras. Not being able to open a newspaper without seeing pictures of yourself or loved ones and having to read made up stories about yourself. That's not to say the whole book focuses on the bad times, of which there have been plenty, there are also some great stories to be read here and also plenty of funny ones.

I believe that some celebrities are hypocrites when it comes to the press. Especially the ones that tip paps off to where they are going to be but the next time turn round and complain about the intrusion. Cheryl is not one of those celebrities, she is just a famous woman trying to live her life. As a massive Girls Aloud fan and a huge fan of Cheryl I obviously wish there was more pictures of her, I wish Girls Aloud hadn't taken a break and I wish Cheryl was still a judge on X Factor. But reading this book you realise that she is just a human being who, despite what she was going through in her personal life, still carried out work commitments and put on a brave face for the public. The last part of the book is particularly poignant and would make even the most hardcore Cheryl fan realise that being as famous as she is can take its toll.

People probably won't agree because they will think she's famous and she's rich and so deserves everything the press and paparazzi throw at her, but that isn't true at all. Yes she's one of the most famous people in the UK but she has reached a point in her life where she just wants to live a normal life and I think people need to let her do that. She isn't like some celebrities who crave press attention, nor does her career rely on it. I think some of her haters could probably do with reading this book and after reading it I think some opinions people have of her might change. I think the fact that I read this book in under 12 hours shows how much I enjoyed it because I just couldn't put it down. I wholeheartedly recommend it to Girls Aloud fans, to Cheryl fans and to anybody who has ever had an opinion about her. A fantastic read.