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Private London - James Patterson Despite being called Private 'London' this book, apart from a few mentions of London landmarks could have been set anywhere. It is typical Patterson fodder and despite the premise of the book being fantastic it is poorly executed. The first Private novel was pretty good despite the fact there were too many stories going on. I was looking forward to this book a lot but, as with most Patterson novels I was left disappointed.

You have to wonder why he continues to be one of the most popular authors of our times. Is it the short chapters and the fact you can read his books in a few hours? Is it the OTT ideas that he comes up with? You certainly can't list his work under generic crime fiction. But whilst his books aren't anything amazing it is these two factors for me that keep drawing me back.

Unfortunately apart from Jack Morgan who I think saves this Private series for me, the cast of characters aren't very good and I don't know what is it but the characters in the Private series of books seem to have a short life expectancy and therefore it's hard to like any of them because you often spend half the time wondering whether they will die in the next chapter (or 50).

Not a bad read but not a fantastic one either.