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Jail Bird - Jessie Keane Wow. After losing my way with reading I couldn't get into anything, but it just shows that if you pick the right book you can enjoy reading again. And what a book this was. Jessie Keane is a fantastic author, and I don't think it's possible for her to write a bad book! Most authors have a few hiccups along the way, maybe get a bit lazy, but I can't see that happening here, every single book of Jessie's has been a five star read for me, absolutely unputdownable books that you want to scream about when you've finished them and tell the world to read them.

I had no idea where this book was going, Lily King is let out of prison after killing her husband but it turns out it wasn't her and we then follow her as she tries to find out who killed her husband. Usually in books, despite them being good, you sort of work out the ending of even have a clue of who it might be but in this book I had no clue until it all unraveled at the end. Perhaps other readers worked it out but it was an absolute shock for me and that, along with a fantastic cast of characters and great writing and dialogue added up to a truly amazing must read book.

I just hope Jessie releases another book soon. The good thing about being late to the party so to speak is having the authors back catalogue to devour (as I did within a week for the four Annie Carter books) but now it's a case of waiting for her next book whenever that may be. But Jessie Keane is an amazing author and you would be crazy not to read her books. Especially Dirty Game and Nameless (which needs a sequel and/or a TV/movie adaptation!).