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The Come-back Girl - Katie Price, Rebecca Farnworth I really enjoyed this. Criticism for these novels, written by Rebecca Farnworth are usually because the book has Katie Price's name on or people tend to call it trash, rubbish etc but I love a good trashy novel and this was definitely that. If like me you find the X Factor stale then check this book out, as it is X-Rated Factor without the ads and the sob stories.

The one thing that annoyed me about the book was the character names. Some of them are just dreadful. But this seems to be a recurring theme in Katie's books. This book follows Eden as she tries to become the huge star again that she once was. She becomes a judge on Band Ambition and embarks upon an affair with a contestant, Stevie who is overconfident, cocky, arrogant etc, everything that chick lit women seem to love. The whole thing though just felt predictable as on the other side we have Jack, sweet, nice Jack who is helping Eden out with her album and confusing her at the same time as to how she feels about him and Stevie. Cue a whole book about a secret relationship and lots of repetitive sex scenes.

What I liked about the book was references to previous books, Angel Summer was mentioned and Jez and Rufus appeared a lot in this book. The only problem was that Eden could have been Angel, there wasn't anything significantly different about her and the fact that she was calling Jez her BFF was just stupid as he is Angel's BFF? But it just makes the world a bit more realistic that characters from other books are mentioned.

Overall this book isn't going to win any literary awards, it isn't going to be a classic remembered in 100 years but it is an enjoyable trashy read and book snobs need to realise and get over the fact that there are people out there that sometimes just want to read books like this. I would like to know how much input Katie has in these novels though, be interesting to know.