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In the Name of Love - Katie Price No your eyes don't deceive you, I have rated this book five stars. People automatically write these books off because Katie Price's name is on the front cover. Now I don't know how much input she has into the storylines for her books (is she the one that comes up with the awful names that the characters have? However saying that Rebecca Farnworth has admitted to liking to give her characters unusual names so I think she may be to blame for that.) but Rebecca Farnworth writes them and just because Katie's name is on the front I feel like chick lit fans who may give her books a miss are missing out. However Katie's books sell extremely well (book signings...).

I have to say that this is probably one of my favourite Katie books and certainly her best standalone. As with previous books there was a mention to previous characters here, namely Angel and Cal Bailey. I did wonder whether Aidan was a gay replacement for Jez, the fantastic gay character from previous books however he just wasn't as good as Jez and I didn't really warm to him. I did however love the rest of the characters. The book didn't just focus on Charlie, the main character, we got to see the other characters' perspectives and this made for a much more interesting read.

I admit that I was hesitant to read this because the blurb just didn't grab me, however after a few chapters I was hooked and I devoured the book within 24 hours because I could not put it down. It's frustrating at times but then that's what makes the book so good, if the girl met the boy and lived happily ever after without all the drama in between it'd make for a pretty rubbish book. I loved the character of Darcy, considering she was only really an 'extra', she had so many sides to her and I enjoyed reading about her almost as much as Charlie and Felipe. I also loved Captain Jack, Luis and Zoe. I think this book may have the strongest cast of characters yet and I think it'd be a shame if they weren't revisited or maybe just mentioned in future novels.

To conclude yes some people will just hate on this book because of the other but if you are a chick lit fan, don't miss this, or indeed any of Katie's other books as they are all fantastic trashy reads.