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Now You See Me  - S.J. Bolton What an absolutely fantastic read. One of my favourite things about reading is discovering a new author, or at least new to me. The cover was what drew me to this book (yes, I judge books by their cover) and the blurb inside. I enjoy reading about true crime and I do have a mild fascination with Jack the Ripper and other serial killers so I couldn't wait to get started with this book.

The main character is Lacey Flint and I have to say I immediately took to this character and liked her a lot. The rest of the characters were a good bunch too, usually there are one or two that annoy you but everyone in this book was more than bearable. Also usually in crime novels I hate those random paragraphs, usually in italics that you can't decipher and which confuse the story, and whilst them paragraphs were present in this book it wasn't confusing and was easy to follow and understand.

This book is very graphic but I think having watched so many movies and read so many books like this I feel that you can become desensitized to reading about people being murdered etc and I feel that only the most squeamish will be affected by bits like that. Anyone who has read a few crime novels won't bat an eyelid at it. Unfortunately however the other downside to having read so much crime fiction is any sort of twist has to be amazing for you not to see it coming and I guessed the 'twist' in this book just over halfway through. It was pretty obvious but that doesn't take anything away from the book and it is certainly a very enjoyable read that I flew through in just over a day.