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Gridlock - Sean Black 4.5 stars

Wow. Every so often you discover an author or a book which is absolutely amazing and which once finished you want to tell the whole world about. This is one of those books. I discovered Sean Black last year when I read the first book featuring Ryan Lock, it was an enjoyable read. The second book I felt was also a great read, just a bit better than the first. I feel that this third book however is a whole different story and is so much better than the previous two. I would definitely reccommend checking out the first two however before reading this one.

I judge books by their cover and they don't come much better than the cover for this book. The first two also have fantastic covers too. And it was the blurbs of these books that made me want to read them ASAP, they really are fantastic teasers for the books and they don't disappoint unlike some books which sound good but are actually rubbish.

Ryan Lock is a fantastic creation. Funnily enough this book concerns a porn star needing protection and so she calls in Lock, I actually picture Lock as a cross between Ross Kemp and the porn star Scott Nails. I can't remember if Black has ever fully described Lock but I prefer to make up my own image in my head.

The book is written extremely well and with short chapters which I always like. However when you finish one chapter you keep telling yourself 'just one more' and before you know it the book has nearly gone. Lock's partner Ty also makes an appearance and I did enjoy the little scenes Ty had with Raven's little brother. Carrie also plays a bigger role in this book also and I liked her as a character.

The book really picks up near the end though when events move at breakneck speed. I was absolutely gobsmacked at the ending, talk about a cliffhanger! Luckily I have the next book waiting to be read but if I had to wait ages to read it I would be seriously annoyed as I just want to find out where Lock is going to go next. It's not a cliffhanger in the sense that a major event won't be cleared up until the next book, more that something huge happened and you want to read about the repercussions and stuff of it.

Overall Black is a fantastic author, British born as well which isn't all that evident in his writing. He really knows the area he is writing about and unlike some authors, e.g. Americans writing British or British writing American it doesn't feel like that here. It's a very authentic novel with fantastic characters. Lock is probably one of my favourite fictional creations in recent crime fiction and I think these books would make for fantastic movies/TV shows. Long may Black continue to write about Ryan Lock.