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Still Standing: The Autobiography of Kerry Katona - Kerry Katona What to say about this book? Well I will start by saying that it is one of the most honest autobiographies I have ever read. I am a massive Kerry fan, always have been and I hated everything that happened when she was with Mark Croft. I was so pleased when she came out the other side and picked herself back up, how the hell she did it is anyone's guess, as most of us would have just given up. The life she has had is absolutely unbelievable and full credit to her for surviving basically.

I read her first autobiography and that was also a very honest and sometimes difficult read. I have read many autobiographies over the years, some rubbish, some good, this has got to be one of the best. Most people have an opinion on Kerry Katona, and most of those opinions are probably negative. However I don't think she is a bad woman and I don't think any blame should be put on her for anything that went on. It's so easy for people on the outside to judge her, to judge what she went through and to judge the decisions she made but until you go through something like that yourself you cannot begin to understand how you would react or behave.

I appreciate that as the author of this book Kerry is going to talk about Mark and the life they had in a negative way but the funny thing is, she doesn't talk about Mark, or indeed Brian (who I think is nearly as bad as Mark) in a horrible way, she just tells it how it is and it just so happens that Mark and Brian end up looking terrible. Kerry has no reason to lie, she is honest about absolutely everything else she has went through in life and the same is true of what she writes about her relationships.

A lot of people in the UK pick up a newspaper, read it and believe it. So all those stories that people sold about her and everyone around the UK read became, to them at least, true and so opinions were formed about Kerry that were not necessarily the truth. The hurt she has gone through and the people that have sold her out is just shocking.

I believe that the root of the problem was her mother. What a despicable woman she is/was. I cannot believe all the stuff she has put Kerry through and yet Kerry still stands by her. The same with Brian, she will defend him to the death and he is an absolutely abysmal father. And so is Mark. I never realised just how manipulative he was during their years together, you actually feel sick with rage reading this book and wish it was fiction and not reality.

I know this review is heavily biased towards Kerry but for anyone doubting it, have you ever considered that perhaps she isn't in the wrong? Perhaps her terrible upbringing and drug use just made her make the wrong decisions, Mark stole from her, cleared her out and ruined her life. It is so easy to say she should have left but it is also so easy to judge from the outside looking in. It was the same when people used to say she should go off and get a normal job, sometimes that just isn't possible. With her debts and desire to give her children a good life that couldn't be done behind an ASDA checkout. Perhaps it would be if two of her children's father actually put his hand in his pocket once in a while.

I seriously do not know how this woman is still alive. This book is just a phenomenal honest read that fans of Kerry and haters, doubters, whatever should rush to read. As Mr Paparazzi himself put it in the Big Brother house: 'I've watched Kerry's personal life though pictures over the years and I thought I knew her, but I'll be the first to hold my hands up and say I've completely got this girl wrong'. And I believe that there are thousands of people around the UK that would have that opinion if they read this book.