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Being Keith - Keith Lemon Unsure how I feel about this book. Another reviewer mentioned that it'd be better if Keith was reading it out loud and I have to agree. I just don't think the humour translates very well and would be funnier spoken aloud. I didn't like the way it was written as Keith would say it either, it just made it more difficult to read. Also as a lot of it is 'fiction'/made up I find it harder to enjoy the book because of it. I had a similar issue with a book Harry Hill wrote which was meant to be a diary of his life however the entire book was fictionalised.

Overall this isn't a bad book, there are definitely some funny moments in it and I liked the chapter where he discussed the guests that have been on Celebrity Juice. However this book will only be appreciated and enjoyed by Keith Lemon fans. I am more of a Juice fan and love him on that, however I was slightly disappointed with this book. If you remove the pictures white space the book overall is very short and so it won't take you very long to read.