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Live By Night - Dennis Lehane I'm disappointed because this book wasn't as good as I wanted it to be. It is beautifully written, and was a dream to read however it didn't grab me like I wished it would. The Godfather is one of my all time favourite books, the synopsis of this book sounded amazing and I couldn't wait to read it. I liked the main character of Joe, and enjoyed the first 100 or so pages. Then he went to prison and I enjoyed reading about that too. But then he moved to Tampa, and a few other reviews have said how the book went downhill at this point and I have to agree.

This is the first Lehane novel I have read despite always seeing his books praised very highly. I read some excellent reviews for this book and that added to my excitement of wanting to read it. One of the best things about the book, apart from the excellent writing is its cast of characters. There are so many of them but unlike other books it doesn't become confusing reading about them. The book is so detailed and you really feel like every character is real and that you are in the room with them.

I read another review which said that the film rights have been sold for this book. I think that is fantastic and feel that this would make an excellent film providing the cast was right. Overall though an excellent book that at times was hard to put down, however just not as good as I expected and wanted, unfortunately.