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Blind Fury - Lynda La Plante I really enjoyed this one. I think Anna Travis is a fantastic creation and one of my favourite fictional detectives. I also love the television adaptation and think the cast in that is great and it makes reading the book a bit more enjoyable when you can put a face to the character.

As always this is a doorstop of a story, La Plante loves to tell a story and, dare I say it, drag it out a bit! The thing with her novels is, the Travis novels at least, is that they are just a good old police procedural. There's nothing complicated or fancy about them and that's what I like about them the most. They read like a TV show, and given La Plante's history in film and TV that is hardly a surprise. But whereas some authors rely on their OTT storylines or high drama La Plante doesn't need that and instead concentrates on telling a story and further developing the fantastic characters that she has created.

I have to say that despite its length, this was one of my favourite books in the Travis series. I'm unsure how I feel about her and Langton but after dragging it out in previous novels it seems Anna is finally over him and there was no sexual tension between them whatsoever in this book, not on Anna's part anyway. Instead she strikes up a relationship with a prison officer on her frequent visits to Leeds to visit the psychopath Cameron Welsh who - perhaps unrealistically? - helps out with their investigation.

Unfortunately I stupidly read a synopsis for the next book and so spoiled the ending for myself. But what an emotional ending it was. I feel that the relationship with Ken was really rushed and dare I say it, just a plot device? I'm not sure of the entire timescale of the book but I don't think it was *that* long but then some people do fall in love fast.

Overall though this was a great book and I can't wait to carry on with the rest of the series. Anna is a great character and it helps that her cases always feature characters from previous books, a theme that I hope is present in the continuing books in the series.