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The Devil's Bounty - Sean Black Wow. Sean Black just keeps getting better as an author and this latest book featuring Ryan and Ty was by far the best in the series. A worry for any fan of an author is always whether the next book will be as good as previous books however a few pages into this book and that worry vanished. This book was better than the others, by miles. And that is a huge compliment when you consider just how good the previous novels are.

Like the other books this one read like a movie. I could just imagine watching this on the big screen and it had all the hallmarks of a fantastic action movie. I started this last night and struggled to put it down, reading until 4am. I read another book today but just spent the last hour finishing this off and even then I only wanted to read a few chapters but it's one of those books that once you start you will really struggle to put it down!

Lock is a fantastic creation and I couldn't wait to catch up with him following the dramatic events at the conclusion of the previous book. Those events sort of left him feeling invincible considering the case he decided to take on had a high probability in resulting in his death. The pace of the book was great and I really was on the edge of my seat throughout most of the book. The short chapters also help as the book moves at a quicker pace however one more chapter turns into many more chapters!

The ending was also fantastic and questions were raised as to whether Lock was going to go against everything he believed in. The cast of characters were also very good, the main villain in the book was especially evil and one you spent the book hoping would get his comeuppance eventually. My only disappointment now is waiting for the next installment featuring these two fantastic characters, of which there has to be one! However that fear I mentioned in the first paragraph is back as you are left wondering just how Black can improve on this book and where he is going to take these two characters next. I cannot wait to find out.