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Siege - Simon Kernick 4.5 stars

What an absolutely fantastic book. Simon Kernick fast became one of my favourite crime/thriller authors when I first read Severed a few years ago followed by Relentless, Deadline and Target. His books are usually unputdownable reads with a mystery element which means that you cannot stop reading until all the pieces are put together and the mystery is solved. And this book was no different, I read the first 174 pages in one sitting.

The eery thing about the book is how realistic it was and how a situation like this isn't hard to imagine. Horrific to imagine but not impossible. At first you are introduced to quite a lot of characters but weirdly it isn't hard to follow the story and you don't find yourself asking which character is which or having to reread bits you missed, it is very easy to follow.

The characters themselves are mostly a good cast, the terrorists are as evil as they could be and the amount of bloodshed was shocking. The book has extremely short chapters which I always enjoy as I feel it makes the book move at a quicker pace however you finish one chapter and tell yourself just one more and before you know it half the book has gone by.

The thing with Kernick's novels is they read almost like a TV show or movie and you could definitely imagine his books on the big screen. Overall this is one of the best books Kernick has written and I find that he is an author that just gets better and better with each book he releases. However when you finish a book as great as this you wonder just how he will beat it, and I can't wait to read his new book Ultimatum to find out whether he has. Don't miss this one.