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Stacey: My Story So Far - Stacey Solomon Feel bad giving this only two stars however two stars on Goodreads means 'it was ok' whereas three is 'i liked it' and as I am somewhere in the middle of that then it's two stars for this book. Overall I found it a very honest autobiography and one that perhaps Stacey critics should read to get a bit more insight into her life as most people think she's just thick and ditzy but that isn't the case at all.

I would say that despite me saying critics should read it this is really a book for real Stacey fans. I am probably only a casual fan at best, I don't follow her career but I do like her as a person and find her hilarious as a person and so it was nice to see a different side to her in this book especially when she talks about being a young mum and how she thought her life was over when she found out she was pregnant. How wrong she was!

However I do love a bit of gossip and the bits about X Factor and I'm A Celeb and in fact most of the stuff she talked about following those two things was just a bit... boring. I think the most exciting it got was when she sort of said some negative stuff about the contestants in the house with her but even then that wasn't anything that wasn't available in the media at the time.

Overall a book that hardcore Stacey fans will love (and have probably read by this point), that critics should read to see another side to Stacey and which the more casual fans of Stacey will probably enjoy but find some bits a bit boring.