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Funny Peculiar - Will Young Hmm, bit disappointed with this one. I'm not a *huge* Will Young fan however I have followed him throughout his career. I wanted Gareth Gates to win but I was only 11 or 12 at the time so you can forgive me! However I was intrigued by Will and found him interesting as a person and phenomenal as a singer.

This book however doesn't really read like an autobiography, not in a chronological way at least. It just jumps all over the place and is more a collection of stories, and vague ones at that. I love a bit of gossip but there isn't any to be had here and not really anything said that you couldn't find in the public domain or that you haven't read in the newspapers before now. Some bits are interesting don't get me wrong but overall it's just a bit of a let down.

Not only that but the pages have hardly any writing on, the pages have double line spacing and there was random doodles throughout the book which further pad the book out but it just means there isn't much to read. I'm sure die hard Will fans will love this book but for anyone looking for a bit of gossip or an autobiography which takes you from birth to the present day won't find it here.