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To Tell The Truth - Anna Smith This is the second book in the series featuring Rosie Gilmour but, at the time of writing this review, I hadn't read the first book. I picked this one up at the library because of the blurb and because of the echoing similarities to a similar kidnapping a few years ago in Portugal in which every single person that heard about it had their own ideas or theories about what had happened.

This book picked up the pace extremely fast and reminded me of the books written by Simon Kernick. You turn the pages at breakneck speed often missing words out and having to slow down. The chapters are also very short which I always feel adds tension to the book and makes you read quicker because you keep telling yourself 'just one more chapter' however one turns into ten.

I immediately took the character of Rosie and thought she was a great creation, and one I really enjoyed reading about. I will definitely be checking out the first book in the series in the near future. The storyline itself was horrifying but all to realistic given the events of a few years ago. I was abroad myself at the time and it was all the papers and holidaymakers were discussing so this book felt very realistic.

Towards the end though the book really picked up speed and I would advise all readers to spare an hour or two when you are near the end of the book because you will absolutely not want to put this book down until you reach the end. The only thing with not reading the first book first was the author of a second novel always has to backtrack and recap bits of previous books so although I know some of what happened in the first book from reading this I still want to read it. Also I don't think I had that attachment with Rosie that readers from the first book will have because they are more familiar with her. But as I said she is a great character and one I really enjoyed reading about.